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I Collect Rare Stamps is a free information resource site for rare stamp collectors. If you are looking for a fair and honest dealer to buy your rare stamp collection or rare stamp estate we recommend 2nd Markets, who will make a cash offer so you can answer your question, Where to sell rare stamp collection near me? They may not be near you (they are in the Nashville Tennessee area), but they have been buying large rare stamp collections and estates for many years, and will travel to you for large and fine collections. They also buy from you online and provide free shipping labels to ship to them for free.

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Are old stamps valuable?

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SOMETIMES Not all old stamps are valuable. The Internet meme that green Benjamin Franklin stamps are priceless is false, sad to sad. If it were true, we would be billionaires because we literally have thousands of them.


Rare stamps are very, very hard to find, and usually come from the estates of long-time collectors who actively spent a lifetime searching for rarities.

Top 10 Collectibles For This Year

If you have any of these, you may be in luck!

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High Demand Collectibles

From A to Z here are some of the top most collectible categories.

Trash or Treasure?

Whether an old item is trash...or treasure, depends...

Collector Knives

The top buyer of both folding and fixed blade collector knives is 2nd Markets. Sell Knife Collection For Cash

Franklin Mint Silver

The top buyer of the silver medals, ingots and plates produced by Franklin Mint in the 1970s is 2nd Markets. Sell Franklin Mint Silver

Rare Stamp Price Guide

We have found iGuide's free rare stamp price guide to be quite useful Free Online Rare Stamp Price Guide

Fine Writing Instruments

The top buyer of vintage fountain pens is 2nd Markets. Sell Fountain Pen Collection

Gold Jewelry Estate Collections

The top buyer of gold jewelry collections and estates is 2nd Markets. Sell Gold Jewelry Estate Collection

Who buys rare stamp collections online for the most cash?

2nd Markets → This company specializes in buying large collections. They will buy your rare stamp collection or estate from the privacy of home, click the CONTACT or LEARN MORE buttons below.

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